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Nowness N•1

Heraclitus once said “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man”.

When I’m with you, it feels like all I am is this moment. 

But I can feel the tides of time rushing all around us, and the winds of change whipping inevitably.

Being together is to become change.
And no one can hold on to forever, forever.

Have you ever felt this way before?
#MyNowness #Bihzhu

Photo by Chris Lim

Nowness N•2

When I was in my mid-20s, I was single (and celibate!) for 5 year.
Yes. 5 consecutive years.
When I look back at it how, I can hardly believe it.

But oh, what a gift those 5 years were!
For the first time ever, I fell in love, with myself.

All the things I thought I knew about who I was and what I stood for - they fell apart, not in a destructive way, but in a beautiful and harrowing discovery - layers, upon layers, upon layers.

My petals unfurled, to reveal more of who I truly was.
Because until I learnt to love all of me, I couldn’t know how to love another.

Do you know who you are?
And do you love all that you are?
#MyNowness #Bihzhu

Photo by Chris Lim

Nowness N•3 

When the Maori greet each other traditionally nose to nose, in the hongi, the breath of life (the ha) is exchanged in unity.
A sacred moment when two Souls meet.

No matter what happened, I will always remember the feel of your forehead against mine, as you breathed in my life, and as I breathed in yours.
#MyNowness #Bihzhu

Photo by Chris Lim

Nowness N•4 

It was like looking over the edge of a cliff - all giddy and exhilarating.

And even though I didn’t know what was waiting for us, I still wanted to jump.

And I did.
#MyNowness #Bihzhu

Photo by Chris Lim

Nowness N•5

It started out as little tingles, but as the days and years passed, I could feel my spiritual eye slowly awaken.

And when significant people crossed my path, it would let me know.

We might call it by different names, that inner voice, your gut instinct, your guardian angels - what I know is that when it speaks, you listen.

When I met you, it whispered “Go.” 

I’m glad I listened.
#MyNowness #Bihzhu

Illustration by Inji Darwish

Nowness N•6 

The spiritualist Harold Klemp said “Abundance flourishes in a grateful heart; gratitude is the secret of love.” 

I am grateful our paths crossed again this lifetime.
I am grateful for the brief yet wondrous moments we shared.
I am grateful for the pain of losing you, because it taught me that I am stronger than I knew, and that pain and joy are but the different sides of the same coin.

What are you grateful for?
#MyNowness #Bihzhu

Photo by Chris Lim

Nowness N•7 

Our flame burned briefly, but it burned oh so brightly.

Maybe the ephemeral nature of our love made everything so much more intense, but so much more beautiful.
#MyNowness #Bihzhu

Photo by Chris Lim

Nowness N•8 

Star-crossed? No, star-aligned.

Because surely, the heavens were waiting for us to meet again, because how could you feel so much like home and so familiar if this wasn’t a love that reached across time and space?
#MyNowness #Bihzhu

Photo by Peter Ong

Nowness N•9

The night before our first date, I had a glimpse of a past life together. 

Then, as the days passed, everything made sense - why being with you felt so familiar, and why we were here again.

We had the chance to untangle all the knots we made in the past, and when they were successfully unravelled, it was time to set each other free.
#MyNowness #Bihzhu

Photo by Chris Lim

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Nowness Credits

Composed by         BIHZHU
Lyrics by                  BIHZHU
Backing vocals by FRANCES TSEN
                                  FUAD ALHABSHI
                                  GABRIEL NOEL POUNTNEY
                                  HERMAN FRANCIS RAMANADO
                                  MELISSA SASA
                                  TAKAHARA SUIKO
Music by                  MELINA WILLIAM
Arranged by            MELINA WILLIAM
Produced by           MELINA WILLIAM
Recorded by          ROZHAN RAHMAN
Mixed by                 ROZHAN RAHMAN
Recorded at           RIROMUZIK x PLAYSPACE

Image Credits

Concept + Styling by         LING LOW
Hair Color by                        YAP BOON HAN/ CENTRO HAIR SALON
Hair Styling by                    KAY TUAN/ CENTRO HAIR SALON
Make Up by                         AZHAR ZAINAL/ MAC  COSMETICS MALAYSIA
Photography by                 TEOH ENG HOOI
Assisted by                         TENG
Image Edits by                   LYNENNOVY.ART
Dress by                              FERN BATIK COLLECTIVE
Headpiece by                     BREMEN WONG

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